Instant Order Printing Solution
Wifi Printer

Ensuring that the orders are notified to you instantly is of curcial importance.
Delayed order notifications can lead to disappointments for Customers.

Owner's App for Takeaways

Oue Owners app for takeaways can be installed on any iOs or Android device and is a great tool for instant order notifications from where you can see the full order details, accept or reject orders and even print the order details if required. One app for all your onwer reports, updates and notifications.

Takeaway Order Printer (Wifi)

Our hardware based solution is also as reliable as the App. On the printer you can see the incoming orders and accept or reject the orders and even enter the delivery or collection times. You may print a single or multiple receipts as required. Printer costs £360 each and also need a subscription of £5.99 a month

Mobile App Takeaway

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