Takeaway Owners Are Fed Up of High Commissions per Order:

Date:06 / Aug / 2017

Restaurants play a significant role in feeding millions of people every day. However, with the fast paced life, people get very less time or absolutely no time to sit at a restaurant and eat. Thus, people are depending more and more on the takeaway restaurants. Takeaway restaurants come handy and it is convenient to the customers as they can place an order through a mobile app from their house or office and pick up the order on their way.

These days, the restaurant owners are unhappy, as they are unable to make much profit, for they have to pay a high commission to the common platform through which they receive orders from their customers.

If you are a takeaway owner, you need to create a connection with your own customers so that you receive their orders directly. You should come up with some innovative ideas to promote your takeaway.

You may get some ideas from the following points on how to increase the profit margin of your takeaway:

Mobile App:

Instead of registering your takeaway restaurant to a common platform for getting your takeaway orders, create a mobile app exclusively for your restaurant. This way, you will have exclusive customers for the food menu which you offer. You will save money from the commission which you pay for every order now, so time to time you can come up with some good offers and discounts. Customers generally love to get discounts on items they buy. So, this will help you in gaining new customers as well as retaining the old ones.

Promoting your takeaway and the mobile app:

Promoting the mobile app for your takeaway is very important. You can promote it online through various web portals. The idea is to reach as many customers as possible. You can turn up to the professionals to ensure that your website gets an organic listing on Google search engine. You can put an advert in various places to get more visibility. You can focus on the local customers at the beginning and when your takeaway gets the required recognition, you can work on reaching more customers from other areas.

Actively ask for a customer feedback:

Creating a personal bonding with your customers is important. You can actively ask for a feedback once you hand over their order. A good review will ensure that you get more and more new customers. However, you will have to follow all the quality parameters and guidelines to ensure that you provide the best food in town. And, you should meet the deadline of delivering the food on time. A happy customer will endorse your business for free.

As an owner of a takeaway restaurant, you will require to put in a lot of efforts to get a recognition for your establishment and having people know about your takeaway. However, creating a personal bonding with the customers is of prime concern as this will help you to get more and more business.

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